Frequently asked questions


Can I choose how many companies to apply to?

Yes. Apply to all four or just one. Seek work at as many as you’d like.

Do I have to be a LinkedIn member to apply?

Yes. If you do not already have an account, you’ll be prompted to sign up for one after clicking “Apply now.” It should take less than two minutes.

What if I already do one of these gigs? Can I still apply?

Yes. When you submit your application, uncheck the boxes for any companies you already work shifts for.

Some companies including Lyft and DoorDash pay sign-up bonuses. Am I eligible?

Yes. Be sure to give any companies that follow up with you any referral or sign-up codes you have.

Will I have to complete a background check?

It depends on the company. After you submit your application, each of your chosen companies will get in touch with you if a background check is needed.

What happens after I submit my application?

We’ll pass your application to each of the companies you selected. Each interested company will review your application and reach out directly to you with next steps. Some companies may require you to complete a separate application on their websites. Once you’ve started your first gig at a company, it will inform Linkedin, at which point we’ll provide you with a free Premium account for six months to help you make new connections and learn new skills. View promotional terms for the free Premium subscription.

When will my chosen companies follow up?

Any interested companies should follow up within three business days. Most will follow up sooner.

Will completing the LinkedIn Gigs application impact my LinkedIn profile in any way?

No. But if you’re interested in exploring best practices for including your gig(s) on your profile, check out our video course: Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for on-demand work.


I’ve completed my first gig. How do I get my free LinkedIn Premium with LinkedIn Learning?

We’ll be in touch shortly. You should receive an email from us with a link that includes a redemption code. If you don’t receive anything after seven days, contact our support team.

What if I already have LinkedIn Premium?

Unfortunately, you will not be eligible for the free six-month account.

Who gets to see the information I put on my application?

LinkedIn will collect your application information and deliver it to your chosen companies. We will share your information only with the companies you consent to have your data shared with.

What areas does LinkedIn Gigs serve?

LinkedIn Gigs currently only serves the Phoenix metro area.

What if I don’t live in the Phoenix metro area? Would I be able to use this tool?

No. Unfortunately, it’s not available elsewhere at this time.

How can I get more information?

Contact our support team.

Disclaimer: Responses with an asterisk (*) come from the respective companies. LinkedIn neither promises nor guarantees that these responses will be representative of your experience with these companies.

The gigs

Do I have to work a certain number of hours at each gig?

No. You can choose the number of hours and times of day you work.

Are these full-time jobs?

No. These are part-time, flexible gigs that give you the opportunity to be an entrepreneur. You get to choose your own hours and decide which gigs you want to work.

What if I want a full-time job?

After you start your first gig, you’ll get six months of free access to LinkedIn Premium with LinkedIn Learning to help you on the path to finding a full-time job. You can also search for open jobs right now at

What would I do for Lyft?*

Make up $1,200 per week driving your car and meeting friendly people.

What would I do for Instacart?*

Earn money shopping and delivering groceries, giving customers more time to do what they love.

What would I do for DoorDash?*

Drive whenever and wherever you want by using your car, scooter, or motorcycle to pick up food from local restaurants and deliver it to hungry people in your area—just like bringing home a pizza for your friends or family.

What would I do for Rover?*

Make up to $1,000 per month or more as a pet sitter or dog walker. Choose your schedule, pick your services, and—the best part—get paid to walk, snuggle, and play with dogs.

What if I don’t have access to a car?

No worries! DoorDash and Rover let you work without having a car.