• Learn how the skills you already have map to thousands of jobs with our new, interactive Career Explorer tool.
  • When you enter your most recent job, we’ll surface new job opportunities that could be a good fit and resources to help you make a career pivot
  • Turn on the “Open to Work” feature on your profile to let recruiters and your network know the type of jobs you are interested in.
  • Engage the broader LinkedIn community in your job search by adding an #OpenToWork photo frame to your profile picture and posting that you’re open to new opportunities with the hashtag #OpenToWork. 
  • Members with an #OpenToWork photo frame are on average receiving 40% more InMails from recruiters and are 20% more likely to receive messages from the LinkedIn community.*


*Source: Based on LinkedIn data


An image of a LinkedIn profile showing the new Open To Work feature

Start with family and friends

Add people who are around you in your everyday life to your network. You never know if a friend is connected to someone who works at a company that’s hiring.

Reach out to past coworkers or classmates

If you’ve added your school, experiences, or organizations to your LinkedIn profile, you can see former classmates and co-workers to connect with on the My Network page or by using Search.

Ask for a referral

You’re 4X more likely to get hired through your network on  LinkedIn. When you reach out to your network, remind them how you know them and why you’re a good fit.

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Search jobs on LinkedIn and set alerts

  • Search by criteria like job title, location, remote work, industry, or company.
  • Get alerts when a new job matches your search, so you can be the first to apply. Applying within the first 10 minutes of receiving a relevant job notification can increase your chances of hearing back by up to 4X.
  • Follow company Pages to learn more about an organization’s culture and stay up to date on open jobs. 
An illustrated product screenshot of a list of job posts on the right and a more detailed job post on the left. You can see the company’s name, logo, job title, location, and “Save” and “Apply” buttons.

Update your LinkedIn profile to stand out

  • Snap and upload a current and clear photo to your profile.
  • Add a video Cover Story so you can share more about yourself, your career goals and highlight soft skills; almost 80% of hiring managers believe video is important when vetting candidates.
  • Spotlight your experience and skills using keywords for jobs you’re interested in.
  • Add a summary highlighting your experience and goals, and showcase the work you’re most proud of in your Featured section.
A close-up of a Caucasian woman’s face looking at the camera. A big 21x above “Having a photo can result in 21x more profile views."
The back of a younger woman sitting at a table with a notebook having a video call on a laptop computer. The laptop screen shows the face of a smiling Caucasian woman with short brown hair.

Topics include:

  • Recovering from a layoff
  • How to manage feeling overwhelmed
  • Writing a resume
  • Digital networking strategies

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